• Feature 2

    Interactive Media

    Advanced interactive design. Motion tracking. Video analysis.
    Isadora Pro developer. Interactive Media veteran.
    Hire Me for your next show.

  • Feature 1

    Design & Development

    The latest web technologies: HTML5 + CSS3 + JAVASCRIPT + PHP
    App integration via Restful API's and MORE.
    featured: Plastik Wrap

  • Feature 3

    Fashion : Textiles

    Cutting edge design. Internationally published.
    Visit: Plastik Wrap

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    Graphic + Print

    High resolution. Vector and Bitmap. Postcard to Life-Size.
    Get me designing for you.

Site News


DusX productions is the creative playground of real-time media specialist Ryan Webber (myself).

I have been very busy the last year with a number of great projects, I hope to get more posts written soon to showcase the variety of work I have been involved with.

Working with Troikatronix to deliver the next generation of the amazing Isadora control/authoring software this past year has really allowed me to dig deep into every corner of this powerful software, therefore; training is now something I have started offering.
If you are interested in Isadora training please feel free to contact me about it. I am happy to do custom training sessions tailored to your specific requirements.

You can hire me to design/build visual displays for theatre, dance, concerts, club events, and interactive installation/projects. 
I am happy to take on design work (actually I love it ;), or work with a team of creatives to bring truely outstanding visual design to your event.



Share video between PC and Macs : with TCPSpout and TCPSyphon

The other day I quickly posted to the Isadora forum about a new video sharing tool I came across. TCPSpout...
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ouija board

Scary, a Ouija board that spells out messages on its own. Having used this Isadora patch a few times...
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Video Mapping - test

Preparing for a day of training new Isadora users, led me to do some quick Video Mapping using the...
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