• Feature 1

    Design & Development

    The latest web technologies: HTML5 + CSS3 + JAVASCRIPT + PHP
    App integration via Restful API's and MORE.
    featured: Plastik Wrap

  • Feature 2

    Interactive Media

    Advanced interactive design. Motion tracking. Video analysis.
    Isadora Pro developer. Interactive Media veteran.
    Hire Me for your next show.

  • Feature 3

    Fashion : Textiles

    Cutting edge design. Internationally published.
    Visit: Plastik Wrap

  • Feature 4

    Graphic + Print

    High resolution. Vector and Bitmap. Postcard to Life-Size.
    Get me designing for you.

Site News


You are looking at the first release of this site using a new up-to-date cms/framework [SilverStripe].

I am currently working out the design still. It uses Foundation 5, Jquery etc.. and you can expect to see many UI improvements starting very soon. Unlike the previous version of the site.. it is now under regular development.
As you can see this site release, focused only on porting the previous Blog content over to the new platform, and getting a new interface up.
My next steps are to start adding regular content.. I have been working on outlines for a number of new Isadora tutorials, so you can expect those soon.
AND since a very important part of the site will be devoted to advertising my skills, I will be creating a few new sections of the site dedicated to this.
But first.. Site search and commenting will be added.
More to come soon!



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